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My Favorite Things to do Each Time I visit London by Rose Palmer

London is one of my favorite cities to visit. Most of the time, my travels to Europe from the US take me through Heathrow, and I always look for the opportunity to do a long layover.

I don’t know if London has grown on me because of my many visits, or if I visit London so frequently because it has grown ...

Travel Younger Chronicles: Austria and Hungary... By Norm Bour

Since we were in Austria, specifically Vienna, for just a few days, it makes sense to combine this report with Hungary, since we also spent just a few days there.

This is not the first time they have been combined, since they were officially united from 1867 until 1918 and officially called the more...

Travel Younger Chronicles: Valencia (Spain) with a BANG! And so much more… By Norm Bour

This past year of 2020 has been (we hope) an aberration, never to be duplicated when it comes to the world of travel. Flights canceled, borders closed, events of many types- all canceled as well. Every country in the world has been affected, and events that have endured for decades- centuries- were bypassed in 2020. ...

Travel Younger Chronicles: The Many Faces of Sicily, By Norm Bour

It’s hard to get a handle on the Italian island of Sicily since it has so many facets. Is it full of history from thousands of years ago? Yes. Does it have a spectacular volcano that is still active? Yes. Does it have congested, polluted, wild, untamed streets run by “unsavory” elements? Also yes!

Though ...

France: The Best of Burgundy on a Canal Cruise, by Rose Palmer, quiltripping.com

Discovering the Best of Burgundy on a France Canal Cruise with European Waterways...

As I soak in the hot tub on the prow of the boat, sipping a specialty cocktail and watching the French countryside slowly pass by, I feel totally content. This is probably the closest I will ever come to the experience of being ...

Croatia: the “Hidden”- but Discovered - Gem, by Norm Bour, TravelYounger.com

  In February 2019, my girlfriend and I left the US and decided to travel the world, staying for six weeks at each location. As a non-EU traveler we were limited to 90 days in the European Union, which we kicked off during our first term between Spain and Italy at 45 days apiece. But where to next? (

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