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It’s got 2 be Austria..
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There are 6 airports in Austria with scheduled flights. The most important international airport is Vienna which has connection to all major airports of the world. Other international airports include Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg which provide domestic flights as well as connections to some European countries. Those airports are particularly popular with cheap airlines. For travelling to the western states it is recommended to use the very close Munich airport.

Austria has plenty of connections with all its neighbours daily. Every neighbouring country (even Lichtenstein) has trains at least hourly. Many (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland), even more frequently. The ÖBB (Austrian Railways) operate high-speed ICE and RailJet trains from cities like Zurich, Munich,Frankfurt, Passau, and Budapest. Eurocity trains are the next fastest trains available as well as the trains connecting the bigger Austrian cities called Intercity. Regional trains called EURegio and simply Regionalzug are also available from all 8 of Austria's neighbours.
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Eurolines Austria has bus schedules from Austria to all major European countries and back. If you make use of special offers and/or book in advance, travelling by plane or train is normally cheaper than by bus. However, the bus may be the cheapest option if you want to travel at short notice or if you have large amounts of luggage. Bus travel is especially interesting for those coming from the East as there are many busses into Vienna.

Austria and all its neighbouring countries, except Liechtenstein are Schengen members so in theory there are no border controls. For using the Autobahnen or Schnellstrassen, a vignette, or tax sticker, must be purchased.
From Germany
• Motorway A8 from Munich to Salzburg.
• Motorway A93 from Rosenheim via Kufstein to Innsbruck, Tyrol.
• E43 (A96) from Leutkirch via Wangen to Bregenz, Vorarlberg.
• E56 from Regensburg via Passau to Linz, Upper Austria.
From Italy
• Motorway A23 to Villach, Carinthia.
• E54 via Brenner to Innsbruck, Tyrol.
From Slovenia
• E652 to Villach,Carinthia.
• E57 via Spielfeld to Graz, Styria.


Trains & busses:
Trains are the best way to get around if you are visiting cities. Comfortable and moderately priced trains connect major cities and many towns; buses other towns and lakes. The two forms of transport are integrated and designed to complement each other, and intercity coaches (long distance buses) are hard to find in most of Austria.
Austrian trains are operated mostly by state-owned company ÖBB. The Raaberbahn (GySEV) provides some trains over Austrian-Hungarian border and there are some short private railways with tourist trains.
The ÖBB operates also buses (InterCityBus) on line Graz–Klagenfurt–Venice because the road between these cities is much shorter that railway.

Train types
• S (S-Bahn/Schnellbahn) – commuter trains offered in several regions and suburban areas
• RSB (Regio S-Bahn) – an express version of the S-Bahn making limited stops
• R (Regionalzug) – slow local trains, stops everywhere
• REX (Regionalexpress) – fast regional trains, stop at more significant stations
• IC (InterCity) – long-distance trains connecting major towns and cities.
• EC (EuroCity) – international long-distance trains
• ICE (InterCityExpress) – German high-speed trains
• RJ (Railjet) – Austria's home-grown high-speed trains
ÖBB-Austrian Railways and DB-Deutsche Bahn UK offer a variety of attractive ticket options for travelling through Austria by train. VORTEILScard has been the best way to save money on rail journeys for many years. All varieties of the VORTEILScard are valid for a year and give you a 45% discount on the standard fare. The VORTEILScard can be obtained at all major Austrian train stations – all you need is a passport and a photo. ÖBB - Austrian Railways offers an additional 5% price reduction on Internet bookings!


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